Los artistas nativos americanos reflexionan sobre los avances logrados en el entretenimiento y los medios en el último seminario web SAG-AFTRA PTEOE.

I think we’re at a really great spot because it’s not [that]… we have to wait another five years until it becomes a little trendy and chic to have Native content. We have a long way to go, but we’re in the game now.

Kalani Queypo

Actor, 'Trickster'

The SAG-AFTRA President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach & Engagement presented Narradores nativos americanos: un legado y un futuro on Nov. 17. The hour-long panel featured actors Kimberly Guerrero (Las glorias), Amber Midthunder (Legión), Kalani Queypo (Embaucador) and Glenn Stanton (Chicago Fire), and CSA casting director Rene Haynes (The Revenant). Actor and SAG-AFTRA National Native Americans Committee Chair DeLanna Studi (Desvergonzado) served as moderator. 

The group’s conversation was an important one as November is Mes Nacional de la Herencia de los Indios Americanos and is recognized among numerous First Nations and Indigenous groups. Many on the panel noted the exclusionary history of Hollywood’s treatment of Indigenous stories, but said there has been a noticeable and recent effort to improve the showcasing of Indigenous characters and stories. This not only includes period pieces, but more contemporary stories and modern characters. 

“The goal is to appropriately represent our history and culture and … who we are as people,” said Midthunder. “We walk around, go to the grocery store or the doctor’s [office] and all sorts of regular things.”

Panelists also discussed the increase in the number of Indigenous content creators developing their own works and the need for accurate representation in mainstream productions. The panel agreed it was the responsibility of non-Native American content creators to thoughtfully research and collaborate with Indigenous cultural consultants.

“I think that no matter how exhaustive [it is], when sitting down with a consultant, [creators] have to check their defensive mechanisms and ego at the door,” said Stanton. “You have to allow that person to talk … so that you can understand and tell the story more responsibly and fully than you would otherwise.”  

To watch the webinar, please scroll below. For other conversations about storytelling in Hollywood, please visit the Canal de YouTube SAG-AFTRA.

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Join SAG-AFTRA President's Task Force on Education, Outreach & Engagement for our latest panel discussion that features actors of Native American heritage who are striving for more inclusion within the entertainment industry with contemporary and more compelling portrayals in storytelling and imagery.


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